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Addiction Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dependence - Research Proposal Example The issue of betting is greater than the individual, social gathering or a network. Understanding and forestalling it, is in this way significant for the general public just as for the nation. Before one can expound on betting, one must comprehend the idea of its fixation. Dependence as per Henderson is a muddled condition, with natural, physiological, mental, social and otherworldly perspectives. Consequently it is ideal to think of...addiction as multifaceted issue, just one of which is the enthusiastic utilization of the compelling substance. (3) Individuals who are dependent (regardless of whether to liquor, medications, betting or sex and so on.) show specific conduct, for example, loss of command over the conduct, and keep on participating in the dependence in spite of negative outcomes (Henderson 4). From a conduct viewpoint compulsion as indicated by the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth Edition) can be characterized as a maltreatment or reliance which has negative results and meddles with significant commitments, and causes observable pain or critical disability in working. The measures for reliance additionally incorporate those that demonstrate physiological reliance just as lost control as confirm b rehashed ineffective endeavors to stop or chop down. (Henderson 6). Betting, as indicated by Collins, is an arrangement of exercises which include at least two gatherings ready to put in danger something of significant worth known as the stakes. They take part in this movement in the desire for wining some of more noteworthy worth called the prize. The victor or failure is controlled by the result of occasions that is known as the outcome. Betting by definition doesn't make the card shark someone who is addicted. This is on the grounds that it is basically a game in which the members may embrace the exercises monetarily or in private circumstances (Collins 15). Betting is a compulsion for certain individuals. Dependent card sharks will in general be

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Stress Relief

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Stress Relief April 12, 2019 How Stress Impacts Your Health Overview Signs of Burnout Stress and Weight Gain Benefits of Exercise Stress Reduction Tips Self-Care Practices Mindful Living PeopleImages/iStock   We cant always change the circumstances that cause us stress, and sometimes we cant even influence them. For example, you cant always leave a difficult job or get a raise when finances are tight, and there will always be some difficult people you simply need to deal with. Some stress simply must be managed, and it can be life-changing when you find strategies that help you deal with stress in a way that minimizes its negative effects. One of these tools, which is becoming more popular, is acceptance and commitment therapy (ATC). This is a form of counseling that is similar to cognitive-behavior therapy, which has been shown by many studies to be effective with stress management. ACT combines the use of acceptance of stressors in ones life and mindfulness strategies mixed in different ways with commitment and behavior-change strategies that can increase psychological and emotional flexibility. History of ATC This approach was originally named comprehensive distancing and was founded in 1982 by psychologist Steven C. Hayes. It has since been fleshed out and worked into a more robust approach to change. Now there are several different protocols for ACT that change depending on the situation and type of stress faced, as well as the setting. For example, there is a brief version of ACT called focused acceptance and commitment therapy, also known as FACT. The goal of ACT  (and FACT) is not to eliminate difficult feelings, but to be present with them and accept them, which can create greater comfort with them so that people are able to move beyond the barriers that these feelings create. Acceptance and commitment therapy invites people to open up to unpleasant feelings and learn not to overreact to them or avoid situations where they are invoked. Its therapeutic effect is a positive upward spiral of emotion where feeling better leads to a better understanding of the truth. Principles ACT commonly employs six core principles to help clients develop psychological flexibility. Cognitive defusion: Learning methods to reduce the tendency to  reify  thoughts, images, emotions, and memories.Acceptance: Allowing thoughts to come and go without struggling with them.Contact with the present moment: Awareness of the here and now, experienced with openness, interest, and receptiveness.The observing self: Accessing a transcendent sense of self, a continuity of consciousness which is unchanging.Values: Discovering what is most important to oneself.Committed action: Setting goals according to values and carrying them out responsibly. Correlational evidence has found that absence of psychological flexibility predicts many forms of psychopathology. A 2005  meta-analysis  showed that the six ACT principles, on average, account for 16 to 29 percent of the variance in psychopathology (general mental health, depression, anxiety) at baseline, depending on the measure, using correlational methods. ACT-Based Strategies Mindfulness and Meditation Because the main goal of ACT is  to accept ones present circumstances, become more comfortable with them, and then be empowered to move beyond them with minimal stress, meditation is an extremely helpful tool for this kind of stress. The practice of mindfulness and meditation can allow you to practice being aware of stressors and then letting go of the need to react. This can minimize the stress you feel as well as the tendency many of us have to overreact to stress we experience when we feel trapped. This can come in the form of rumination, catastrophizing, and other stress-exacerbating habits that many of us engage in whether were aware of it or not. The following are some meditation techniques that can be used for stress relief. Reappraisal We cant always change what we experience, but we can change how we think about these experiences. This is a core belief of ACT. Changing your thoughts about the stress you experience can come in the form of cognitive restructuring or cognitive reappraisals, where you actively work to choose new ways of viewing the same situation. These views may not be the first thoughts you had on the topic, but they can be just as aligned with the realities of the situation. For example, when facing a challenge that feels beyond your capabilities (a commonly stressful situation), I am failing at this, can be changed to, I am having a difficult time with this. Its all part of the process, though, and Ill get it eventually. Similarly, This should not be happening to me, can be changed to, We all face challenges, and heres one of mine. Ill get through this. Deliberate Acceptance Sometimes stress can be greatly minimized when we give up the fight and trust the process. When we feel we need to struggle against something that may not necessarily be changeable, we can feel overwhelmed with a virtually impossible task. When we accept a situation and let go of our own need to control it (which often is impossible, anyway), this can feel like lifting a weight off our shoulders and can greatly relieve the stress of whatever situation we face. Making friends with the situations we had been fighting can be a liberating process and, interestingly, can help us to move on from feeling stuck and trapped into a place of recognizing what is and what can be done about it. Choosing Purposeful Action A primary goal with ACT is to choose an action that can be taken and to move forward in a positive, productive direction. One strategy that can help with this is to increase the positive experiences you have so that you can create an upward spiral of positivity. Another is to simply look at the situation you are in (and accept this situation) and then look for options you can choose within this reality rather than trying to change the reality itself by fighting your overall circumstances. This can be achieved with the help of a therapist, a journaling practice,  or talks with a good friend who understands. A Word From Verywell Ultimately, ACT-based strategies can be liberating and empowering. Accepting the challenges of life and moving forward can build confidence and inner strength and can help you to move past significant amounts of stress. Practice with this modality can make perfect.

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Why Are Teams and Groups Seen as Essential Features of...

Why are teams and groups seen as essential features of contemporary organisations? This essay aims to discuss why teams and groups are seen as essential features of contemporary organisations. Firstly, it will examine what exactly constitutes a group or team, then it will go on to discuss different types of groups and teams which exist within an organisation. Next it will explain why groups and teams are key to contemporary organisations in particular and finally, it will discuss the disadvantages associated with groups within organisations. Firstly, it is important to distinguish what exactly constitutes a team or a group. As Khan (2010) states, all teams are groups because the individuals in it have some kind of of unifying†¦show more content†¦Virtual teams allow the organisation to easily spread decision making to trusted individuals rather than only to top management. Groups can be essential to an organisation s level of productivity. If there is a high level of group cohesiveness the group will experience high morale and will become a desirable entity to be part of within an organisation which means there will be plenty employees willing to compete with each other for a spot in the group, which in turn raises productivity. Managers need to control the size of groups in order to stay at an optimum level of productivity and also offer incentives like bonus pay for good performance to enhance the desirability of the group even further. Groups also relieve some of the responsibility of the manager, as they do not have to keep a constant eye on each individual employee, they can trust that group members will spur on the productivity of the group in order to gain the proposed incentives. Groups can provide an organisation with more than one solution to a proposed problem because as Maier (1967) states, a group has a greater knowledge store than that of any individual. Monitoring the size of groups here is vital from management, as with a large sized group there may be plenty of ideas generated, but they are not necessarily well formed ideas. Splitting groups into smaller member sizes will ensure the ideas are well thoughtShow MoreRelatedHow Identification Communication Strategies Affect The Ways1418 Words   |  6 Pagesindividual behavioural tendencies when they communicate with others. These behavioural tendencies are used by organisations to maintain positive relationships with their communities. Identification communication strategies in organisational communication are necessary in modern organisations and â€Å"frequent communication leads individuals to feel that they are active participants in the organisation† (Huff, Sproull, Kiesler, 1989, p. 1372). These strategies include; the common ground technique, identificationRead MoreLeadership And Development Plan For The Top 30 Managers Across The Globe2472 Words   |  10 PagesLeadership and development proposal Introduction Leadership development in organisations is a high-profile activity. It often focuses on senior or ‘elite’ staff; it frequently comprises a key element in competitive strategy (Becker and Huselid, 1998 citied in Mabey, 2013). It means that managers need to be developed to help achieve the goal of management in organisation. This proposal is required to develop a leadership and management development programme for the top 30 managers across the globeRead MoreEssay about Managing People4361 Words   |  18 Pagessanctions, or monetary reward. Theorists also suggest that the ways in which organisations choose to manage their employees are in a state of transition. Labour management practices have assumed new prominence in the 1990s as concerns persisted about global competition, the internationalisation of technology and the productivity of workers. It is argued that these market input push work organisations to adjust their system of managerial control strengthen effective utilisationRead MoreOrganisation Culture4416 Words   |  18 Pagescritically evaluates organisational cultures in the Early Years settings. The first part looks at the theoretical background to the evolution of organisational culture its importance and types. The second part examines the link between leadership, organisation culture and change management with analysis from experience as an EYP. It also looks at key factors that influence change, problems with change and techniques for implementing change in Early Years settings. The final part is a conclusion andRead MoreOrganisational Control and Power21418 Words   |  86 PagesAn underlying feature of organisational behaviour is the concept of control and power. Control systems exist in all spheres of the operations of the organisation and are a necessary part of the process of management. Work organisations are complex systems of social relationships, status and power, and attention should be given to the manager–subordinate relationships. The manager needs to understand the nature of power and control in order to improve work behaviour and organisational performanceRead MoreEssay on Restructuring the Marketing Function for Greater Efficiency8864 Words   |  36 Pagesimplications for the current marketing team structure 5 Economic instability and increase of demand 5 Changes in technological knowledge within the market 6 Supplier price changes 7 London Olympics 2012 7 Task 2 9 Critically analyse the differences between management and leadership in relation to the operation activities of the marketing function. 9 Management and Leadership within Company X 9 Recommend, with justification, how the marketing team should be restructured and how processesRead MoreHistory And Theory : Leicester School Of Architecture3367 Words   |  14 Pagesthe Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM), founded in 1928, in order to set up an international splinter group of modern architects, Team 10. This led to the demise of CIAM. What were the goals of Team 10? How did they articulate their disagreements with the objectives of CIAM? Choose a specific building or project to show how one (or a pair) of the members of Team 10 attempted to put those goals into practice. Alison and Peter Smithson s: investigative duties. ExperimentRead MoreCritical Analysis of Leadership of Steve Jobs3952 Words   |  16 Pagestechnical overproduction. simplicity and usability compounded with intuitiveness, versatility and durability, and, of course, functionalities flying in the matter of split seconds – are only some of the major concerns of the client today! The other essential concern is the philosophy behind the product, the personality of the company and corporative image. As it has been aptly put: customers are not looking for just a product anymore; they are looking for a destiny. This, as nothing else, would be aboutRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management72324 Words   |  290 PagesContents Unit 1 Title Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management Introduction What is Strategy? What is Strategic HRM? How is Strategic HRM Different from Other Aspects of HRM? How Does Research Show that Strategic HRM Adds Value to an Organisation? How Does Strategic HRM Support the Management of Change? Who Holds the Responsibility for Strategic HRM? When is it Appropriate to Create a Dedicated HR Function? Vertical Integration and Human Resources Strategy Introduction What are the BenefitsRead MoreA Case Study of Performance Appraisal26392 Words   |  106 PagesA CASE STUDY OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL IN A SMALL PUBLIC SECTOR ORGANISATION: THE GAPS BETWEEN EXPECTATIONS AND EXPERIENCE JOHN MOONEY A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the University of Chester for the degree of Masters of Business Administration CHESTER BUSINESS SCHOOL December 2009 1 Acknowledgements To my beloved wife Lesley, and children, Liam, Shaun and Hannah, who tolerated my regular withdrawals from normal family life throughout my MBA studies

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David Fincher’s Fight Club Essay - 1103 Words

David Fincher’s â€Å"Fight Club† In David Fincher’s â€Å"Fight Club† a man battles within himself to live a life he has always dared to live, but in the end when everything is taken to the extreme, he realizes it’s too late to change what he has done. He struggles with the social structure due to his realization that he is in fact powerless in today’s society. He is constantly fighting his alter personality Tyler Durden for control of not only himself but also the world around them. He sees Marla as the lie that exists within himself and despises her for it. Fincher implies that sometimes people have to completely free themselves of their materialistic ideals in order to truly be free. Fincher also suggests that in some cases the absence of a†¦show more content†¦Single serving packets are the isolated lives that have consumed Generation X. The plane, and the imaginary crash mark the death of his old life and a journey to a new existence. Tyler Durden is symbolic because in old English Tyler means gatekeeper and Durden is durable and hard, thus the need for the manifestation is Jack’s mind. When jacks apartment is blown up and he calls jack, this is his isolation that consumes his life and the absence of family. During the first fight there is a heartbeat heard in the back ground this is the pulse of jack’s new life. The urination in the soup is the defiance toward the upper class to taste the waste they have produced. In order to truly be free Tyler, and Jack go to an abandoned house and rid them selves of the society they live in. When his boss is talking to him his voice is lowered to show how relative his importance has become. When Jack tells Tyler that he has no dad, he is in fact telling himself and acknowledging one of his deep seeded troubles. The blood on the floor is the passion and emotions that are released in fight club. All of the aggressive hostility that is shown represents the suppressed emotions along with the hatred for a shallow upbringing in Generation X males. The tooth going down the drain symbolizes their dropping of their defenses and opening themselvesShow MoreRelatedGender Roles In Chuck Palahniuk And David Finchers Fight Club879 Words   |  4 Pagesdisregard to traditional gender roles has spun our society into a tizzy. In Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher have focused on the promotion of traditional gender roles and masculinity, as well as clearly defining appropriate behaviors and appearances for men. The traditional gender role of a male is participating in reckless or dangerous activities, showing little emotion, and obtaining dominance and power. Fight Club reinforces the traditional gender role of males, especially in the â€Å"I WantRead MoreCult Film : Nicolas Winding Refns Drive And David Finchers Fight Club1774 Words   |  8 Pageselaborate on it, but also try to clarify it. Utilising the work of theorists Sconce, Fiske, Austin and many others, I will base my research around two contrasting texts that are both connected by cult film – Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive and David Fincher’s Fight Club, analysing not only how their technical and visual codes help to give them cult status, but also how their audience appeal ties in with niche psychometrics and cult film overall. Since its beginnings in the 1950s with movies like Plan 9Read MoreAnalysis Of The Film Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid 1595 Words   |  7 PagesAt a very young age of eight, David Fincher’s passion for cinema grew when he was inspired by the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Born in 1962 Denver, Colorado, David Fincher moved to Ashland, Oregon in his teens, where he graduated from Ashland High School. During high school, he directed plays, designed sets, and managed lighting after school. One summer, he and a friend attended the Berkley Film Institute’s summer program, where he hoped to learn film as a true art form but insteadRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid1616 Words   |  7 PagesAt a young age of eight, David Fincher’s passion for cinema grew when he saw the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Born in 1962 Denver, Colorado, David Fincher moved to Ashland, Oregon in his teens, where he gradua ted from Ashland High School. Much of his time here, he directed plays, designed sets, and managed lighting after school. Until one summer, he and a friend attended the Berkley Film Institute’s summer program, where he hoped to learn film as a true art form but instead learnedRead MoreGone Girl By David Fincher1268 Words   |  6 Pagesof their works so that their creation is definitive enough to be traced back to its creator. In order to identify these definitive components, an auteur must establish common thematic and formal elements that their texts typically contain. In David Fincher’s film Gone Girl (2014), Amy Dunne suddenly vanishes, seemingly from violent kidnapping, leaving her husband, Nick Dunne, in a media frenzy over his suspected involvement in her disappearance. The film utilizes some of his most common thematic elements:Read MoreFight Club Essay1525 Words   |  7 PagesFight Club â€Å"The first rule about fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club† (Palahniuk 87). The story of Fight Club was very nail biting; you never knew what was going to happen next. There were so many things that led up to a complete plot twist. It was amazing how closely directed and written Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher’s versions were. However, the role in both that stood out to me the most was the role of Marla. Marla was the biggest influence in discovering the narratorRead MoreThe Style Of David Fincher s Se7en1386 Words   |  6 Pages ESSAY TITLE Explore the style of David Fincher’s Se7en and explainn how the style choices crucially contribute to the film’s significance and effectiveness in relation to its framework Table of Contents 1. Introduction ii 2. Discussion vi 2.1 Frameworks of References vi 2.1.1 Historical Context vi 2.1.2 Authorship vii 2.1.3 Genre viii 2.2. Story Telling ix 2.2.1 Storyline ix 2.2.2 Clarity of Plot x 2.2.3 Plot Relevance xi 2.2.4 Complexity of Characters xii 2.2.5 Background of Motivations andRead MoreEssay on Fight Club: Analysis of Novel and Film1561 Words   |  7 PagesFight Club: Analysis of Novel and film Fight Club is a potent, diabolically sharp, and nerve chafing satire that was beautifully written by Chuck Palahniuk and adapted to the silver screen by David Fincher. A story masterfully brought together by mischief, mayhem, and ironically, soap. Fight Club is the definition of a cult classic because the issues dealt within the novel touched so close to home to the generation this novel was intended for, generation X. The novel was written in 1996 and quicklyRead MoreEssay on Criticisms of Consumerism and Materialism in Fight Club1134 Words   |  5 Pagesname on my underwear†(29 min.) We are a generation comprised of invidious and conspicuous consumers, desperately trying to meet society’s consumerist criteria; seeking the false promise of the American dream. This is the reality presented in Fincher’s Fight Club (1999), one of â€Å"the rawest, most hot-blooded, provocatively audacious, dangerous movies to come of out Hollywood† (Morris, 1999). Through the diverging personalities of the films central characters, Fincher provides a satirical analysis andRead MoreThe Genre Of Cult Film1741 Words   |  7 Pagesits quirky and abnormal generic values, but also through the plurality of artistic control that is held by the auteur and its audience’s desires. In order to go into more extensive detail, I have selected Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive and David Fincher’s Fight Club – two contrasting texts with diverse ideologies and technical codes yet both linked by cult film – to continue interpreting this extensive genre. Throughout its history, cult film has never had specific elements that has allowed theorists

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ASSIGNMENT Course Code :MS-7 Course Title : Information Systems for Managers Assignment Code : MS-07/TMA/SEM-I/2013 Coverage :All Blocks Note : Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 30th April, 2013 to the coordinator of your study center. 1. (a) Is Information Technology as vital to modern global business as money? Why or why not? Discuss some trends in IT development. We will write a custom essay sample on Ignou Mba or any similar topic only for you Order Now (b) Write a note on input and output devices. Distinguish between human data input devices and source data capture devices. 2. a) Discuss the objectives and process of computer aided decision support system. (b) Describe the decision making process of acquiring application software. 3. (a) Define MIS. Describe the functions that MIS supports in an organization. (b) What are the various ways of assessing the value of information? Explain each method briefly. 4. (a) Is outsourcing information systems a better proposition in most of the situations? Discuss some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. (b) Discuss the three major areas of feasibility, which are addressed in system analysis? . Write short notes on any four of the following: a) Open Source Software b) Stealth and Polymorphic Viruses c) MRP II d) Information System and TQM e) Genetic Algorithms ———————– Management Programme ASSIGNMENT FIRST SEMESTER 2013 MS â€⠀œ 07: Information Systems for Managers [pic] School of Management Studies INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY MAIDAN GARHI, NEW DELHI – 110 068 MS-55: LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT [pic] School of Management Studies INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY MAIDAN GARHI, NEW DELHI – 110 068 MS-07 How to cite Ignou Mba, Papers

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Romulus My Father Pursuit of Happyness Belonging Essay Essay Example

Romulus My Father Pursuit of Happyness Belonging Essay Paper ‘Everything has its own place and function. That applies to people, although many dont seem to realize it, stuck as they are in the wrong job, the wrong marriage, or the wrong house. When you know and respect your Inner Nature, you know where you belong. You also know where you dont belong. ’ Benjamin Hoff Discuss this statement, focusing on how composers of texts represent the concept of belonging. In your answer, refer to your prescribed text (‘Romulus My Father’) and ONE related text of your choosing. You should write no more than 1000 words. Sense of belonging coming from father, in father son relationship. This can be seen in both, Raimond Gaita’s elegiac memoir, ‘Romulus, My Father’ and Gabriele Muccino’s 2006 film, ‘the pursuit of happyness’. Both texts demonstrate the relationship between a farther and his son and the extreme amounts of love and pain that they are willing to go through for the child to make sure that they belong. Both fathers when growing up had no real father figures. Without their fathers a grow with them a be their idol, they lacked a sense of belonging that made them feel disjointed from the rest of society. We will write a custom essay sample on Romulus My Father Pursuit of Happyness Belonging Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Romulus My Father Pursuit of Happyness Belonging Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Romulus My Father Pursuit of Happyness Belonging Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer As a result, when they have their own sons they go the extra mile to provide and care for their son in every way possible. The sons in both texts have a strong sense of belonging to their fathers and trust them in everything. ‘The pursuit of happyness’ subway/bathroom scene demonstrates this love and sense of belonging between father and child. The scene starts with a shot from above the heads of the protagonist, Chris Gardner, and his son, and looks down the subway as the last train of the night leaves and they are left alone in the subway. This metaphorically states how Chris feels, the last train has left without me and my son, every opportunity has passed. The scene then skips to Chris and Christopher sitting on a bench in the railway, with a distance between them. Christopher than gives his father an opportunity to make this experience easier for him, telling Christopher that the machines that he always carries around and is trying to sell, are time machines. Chris leads his son into the bathroom, while he is in the fantasy where they stay the night. Chris is shielding Christopher from the hard times that they are going through demonstrating the love that he has for his son but also the trust and sense of belonging he has in his dad. This is an emotive scene that is made to make the responder feel sympathy. In ‘Romulus my father’, a similar scenario plays out. Romulus’ father died early in Romulus’ life. Romulus lived in poverty and constantly moved between his grandparents and mothers house, but never belonged to either. He left at 13 to find work, but was always on the move, never really belonging anywhere. They moved to Australia where Romulus worked some hours away from Christine his wife and their son, Raimond. Christine neglected Raimond and was unfaithful to Romulus. Romulus believed it to be better if Raimond was to come to the camp where they were working. Romulus and Hora, Romulus’ closest friend, split their shifts so one of them could always care for young Raimond. Raimond is unaware of the sacrifices that his father and Hora gave up, at that age, in their only opportunity of rest in the day to provide Raimond with care and to give him a place to belong. Romulus didn’t have a true sense of belonging to anyone or thing except for Raimond. And for him he would go to the ends of the earth to provide and care for him. Raimonds has had the opportunity to belong and relate to others through what his father has done for him. â€Å"On many occasions in my life I have had the need to say, and thankfully have been able to say: I know what a good workman is; I know what an honest man is; I know what friendship is; I know because I remember these things in the person of my father† The repetition of ‘I know’ expresses how highly he holds up his father and how no one will be able to tell him otherwise.. The tone of the quote, is proud. Roof top scene in pursuit of happyness, where they are play basketball and Chris tells Christopher that he won’t make it in basketball, but realized that this crushed his dream, so then says â€Å"don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something, not even me†